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  1. Google Review (7/8/2019)

    Best customer service ! Jeanne Reeder

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  2. Hawaiian Bangle Bracelet Width

    How to pick your Hawaiian Bangle Bracelet width?

    The most popular width on Hawaiian bangle bracelet is 10mm and 12mm; however 15mm and 18mm are popular among the local community.

    Shop Hawaiian Bangle Bracelet Now

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  3. Hawaiian Jewelry Layaway Program (Interest Free)

    Thank you for your interest in learn more about our interest free Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry Layaway program (HJLP).

    Our program will allow you start an order with 10% payment and pay off the balance within 6 months.

    There is no handling fee or interest on layaway order.

    We will manufacture and ship your order within 3 days after final payment.

    Please call or email us to place your layaway order now.

    Contact Us

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  4. Kama'aina Discount Coupon

    We offer 10% off to Kama'aina. Please use coupon code: KAMA10%OFF during checkout.

    (Limited time offer)

    Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry

    Shop Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry Now

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  5. Military Discount Coupon

    We offer 10% off to all U.S. military personnel. Please use coupon code: MIL10%OFF during checkout.

    (Limited time offer)

    Men's Hawaiian  Jewelry

    Shop Hawaiian Jewelry Now

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  6. Facebook review (3/27/2019)

    I received my package pretty fast, great customer service. I love my new bangle... just beautiful. Kelly Acker

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  7. Email Review (3/12/19)

    I just received my bracelet and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for such a quick turnaround. I got “Makuahine” in memory of my mother that passed and it is so special to me. I won’t hesitate to recommend your company! Jaime Hittelman

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  8. Email review (3/1/19)

    I received the beautiful pendant I ordered and just want to let you all know hiw impressed I was with your service. I purchased the pendant for my grandaughters graduation and which I know she will love! Orginally from HawIi born and raised now living in Las Vegas I didnt know Nothing about your company but took a chance and will be ordering again in the future. A very happy new customer! Edna Sumulong

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  9. Facebook review (2/8/2019)

    The best Hawaiian Jewelry!! Never have been disappointed in any jewelry I have ordered!!! Georgia Gonzalez

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  10. Email review (1/22/19)

    I received my earrings today and they are exceptionally beautiful and beyond my expectations! The quality is superb and I was delighted to receive them so soon! I will definitely order from you in the future knowing I will get excellent service! Sheila Lee

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