Paradise Collection Hawaiian Jewelry started in 1998 at historic Aloha Tower Marketplace, which was once the largest Hawaiian cruise ship port, located in the heart of downtown Honolulu. In 2017, we relocated our office to Waikiki and focus on servicing our worldwide online customers.

This year, we celebrate our 25th Anniversary!

Our Mission is to keep the Hawaiian island tradition in our customized Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry, which is a reflection of Hawai‘i and the aloha that pervades it. After all, the Hawaiian jewelry tradition has persisted in the Islands through generations, with ornate engravings, romantic lettering, and distinctly Hawai‘i-inspired motifs. The motifs in the Paradise Collection line tell the story of a life in the Islands: There’s the delicate and sweet plumeria flower design, with its feminine allure and sparkling diamond-studded accents. There’s the playful turtle design. And, of course, there’s Paradise Collection’s unique heart design, a special piece celebrating love and, always, aloha.

With over ninety thousand worldwide followers on our Facebook community
www.facebook.com/HawaiiJewelry, we are able to focus on our mission to spread the Hawaiian tradition to around the world with Aloha!

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