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  1. Aloha au ia 'oe means I Love You

    Usually the first word in a sentence is a verb and aloha means love as either a noun or a verb. The next word is the subject of the sentence, and it may be spelled either au or wau, meaning the first person singular pronoun in the subjective case, I. In general au is more common, but both are considered acceptable. In some expressions wau seems to flow better, at least for some people, and this is one of the expressions where wauis not as uncommon as for general expressions.

    The last word ʻoe is the second person singular pronoun, you—by itself the subjective case. The preceding iā makes the pronoun to be in the objective case (direct object, or adding the sense of to or toward). Sometimes you will see the two words combined into one as iāʻoe. It should be apparent at this point the expression means I love you.

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  2. Hawaiian name

    Genuine Hawaiian names are unisex. Their literal meaning is usually quite clear, but there may be hidden symbolic meanings known only to the family. Old Hawaiians saw a name as the property of the name-holder, with a power to help or hurt its owner. A meaning that was too apparent might have attracted evil forces. And, just like in Hawaiian poetry, an allusion was considered more beautiful than a plain statement. Surnames did not exist in ancient Hawaii. Early converts might adopt a Christian name and use their Hawaiian name like a surname. In 1860 Kamehameha IV signed the Act to Regulate Names. Hawaiians were to take their father's given name as a surname, and all children born henceforth were to receive a meaningful given name. 

    Find Your Hawaiian Name

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  3. Hawaiian Jewelry Designs

    Inspired by the beauty of the islands and the reflection of the people in Hawaii, our designers created a large selection of Hawaii inspired jewelry designs. Hawaiian floral jewelry are the most popular collection on the colorful land and Sea turtle (Honu) Jewelry are the most popular collection in the peaceful pacific ocean.

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  4. Pineapple Jewelry

    The English who were overwhelmed with the lovely pineapple fruit drew inspiration from its looks and unique shape. As a result, the pineapple fruit inspired the coat of arms and was used as an architectural element in pottery and planters. The artistic appeal and decorative effect that the pineapple fruit rendered were significant and the pineapple symbol inspired bed posts, tablecloths, napkins and napkin holders as well as bookends and candle holders. The symbol of this cherished fruit grew to be represented on any form of decorations that were visibly displayed for guests to enjoy and feel welcomed. Even till today, the pineapple fruit raises much interest in Hawaii where the use of pineapple themed accessories and gifts are instrumental in highlighting the peace loving and hospitable people who reside within.

    Pineapple Jewelry is Popular in Hawaii

    You can wear and enjoy this iconic design from Paradise Collection in 14K Ye

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  5. Hawaiian Fish Hook Jewelry

    To the Hawaiian the meaning of the fish hook pendant came from the extraordinary respect Hawaiians have had for the ocean, which has provided sustenance and enabled travel. Hawaiian Life details the history of the Macau, as this pendant is called in Hawaii. Initially, the Macau was put to practical use in fishing. It is now frequently worn around the neck for its symbolic power and perceived benefits. Fish hooks were used by island men and women to catch and gut fish, as well as catching and preparing other types of food. The main function for fish hooks today is to wish someone a successful future or good health. They are also used, of course, simply for adornment. The symbolism and value the fish hook presents spread all over the Pacific Ocean cultures

    Sterling Silver Hawaiian Fish Hook Pendant

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  6. Honu Jewelry (Green Sea Turtle)

    Turtles are one of the oldest creatures on earth. The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, known as “Honu,” symbolizes good luck, endurance and long life. Turtles can show up as a person’s guardian spirit, known as “Aumakua.” When lost, turtles are excellent navigators and often find their way home. Legend states that a green sea turtle guided the first Polynesian settlers to the islands. In historic days, only the rich were allowed to consume turtles as food. In modern times, sea turtles are protected by the Endangered Species act and there are severe penalties just for giving them stinkeye.

    Honu Jewelry is Perfect for Men and Women

    Our designers inspired by the natural beauty of the lovely sea turtles, ceate unique jewelry designs for both men and women. In addition, designers intergrate other natural materials such as Hawaiian Koa Wood, Blue Opal, Blue Topaz stones an

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  7. Hibiscus Jewelry

    Hibiscus Flower symbolism dates back hundreds of years. Hibiscus were important symbols in the past and people in Hawaii used them to express their deepest desires, feelings and thoughts. Looking at Hawaiian songs and stories gives us an idea how important the Hibiscus flowers were. We can see them as symbols of the State of Aloha, but also as symbols of extreme happiness and joy that takes over our hearts, for example, when we are in love.

    Sterling Silver Hibiscus Bracelet

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  8. Koa Wood Jewelry

    Koa Wood is native to the Big Island of Hawaii, the Koa wood and Ti leaf ring blessing has a lovely meaning, and is beautiful in its simplicity. Koa is a treasured and valuable hardwood that represents integrity and strength, which are fundamental qualities of a marriage.

    Koa Wood Plumeria pendant

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  9. Hawaiian Bead charms

    Explore our wonderful collection of finely crafted Hawaiian Beads and charms featuring a wide variety of shapes, themes, and materials. Charms add a personalized touch to jewelry designs and are great for creating sentimental gifts for friends and loved ones or to commemorate important occasions in your own life. Our pendants are generally focal pieces that when incorporated into your bracelets can really showcase your Hawaiian touch. Start with a bead charm and create an entire design around it or find the perfect charms to go with beads you already have. From Hawaiian treasures and sterling silver stunners, to exclusive handcarved Hawaiian charms and beads.

    Blue Hawaii charm Bead Bracelet

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  10. Hawaiian Bracelets

    What could be a more lovely tribute to the islands than exotic Hawaiian bracelets and Hawaiian hand-carved bangles? Jewelry has a different meaning to each person. Some people wear it simply for aesthetic pleasure, while others wear it to remind themselves of a person or a place.

    Hawaiian bracelets can be made of jade, gold, or silver. Originally, traditional Hawaiian bracelets were descendants of the famous gifts given to Queen Kapiolani and Princess Liliuokalani by Queen Victoria during her 1887 Jubilee. Generations of island craftsment have carried on the style of these precious gold and silver bracelets graced with black enamel inscriptions in timeless "Old English" writing.

    Other Hawaiian bracelets in the Hawaii Paradise embody more whimsical icons such as sea-turtles or the ever-present Plumeria blossoms. From sumptuous jade accents and inlays to fun designs like flip-flops and slippers, our collection of Hawaiian bracelets enables the wearer to celeb

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