What could be a more lovely tribute to the islands than exotic Hawaiian heritage bracelets and Hawaiian hand-carved bangles? Jewelry has a different meaning to each person. Some people wear it simply for aesthetic pleasure, while others wear it to remind themselves of a person or a place. Hawaiian bracelets can be made of jade, gold, or silver. Originally, traditional Hawaiian bracelets were descendants of the famous gifts given to Queen Kapiolani and Princess Liliuokalani by Queen Victoria during her 1887 Jubilee. Generations of island craftsment have carried on the style of these precious gold and silver bracelets graced with black enamel inscriptions in timeless "Old English" writing. Other Hawaiian bracelets in the Hawaii Paradise embody more whimsical icons such as sea-turtles or the ever-present Plumeria blossoms. From sumptuous jade accents and inlays to fun designs like flip-flops and slippers, our collection of Hawaiian bracelets enables the wearer to celebrate what she loves the most about the islands. Whatever you need to feel elegant and feminine can be found in the Hawaii Paradise. Hawaiian Bracelets Can Be Whimsical or Traditional The jewelry we wear to the beach may be very different from the jewelry we wear to an elegant dinner, a graduation, or a corporate function. It's important to find a collection that offers a good selection of both daytime and nighttime jewelry. Looking great at any time means wearing what is appropriate to the situation, but doing it with style. Gifts of jewelry, especially Hawaiian bracelets, are always appreciated, and jewelry has been given as a gift for thousands of years. Jewelry makes a woman feel special and attractive, and it's a great investment. Hawaiian bracelets, given as gifts, or purchased for oneself, celebrate beauty and tradition in a remarkable way.

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