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  1. Inspired Hawaiian Jewelry Designs

    Inspired by the beauty of the islands and the reflection of the people in Hawaii, our designers created a large selection of Hawaii inspired jewelry designs. Hawaiian floral jewelry are the most popular collection on the colorful land and Sea turtle (Honu) Jewelry are the most popular collection in the peaceful pacific ocean.

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  2. Do you know your name in Hawaiian?

     Genuine Hawaiian names are unisex. Their literal meaning is usually quite clear, but there may be hidden symbolic meanings known only to the family. Old Hawaiians saw a name as the property of the name-holder, with a power to help or hurt its owner. A meaning that was too apparent might have attracted evil forces. And, just like in Hawaiian poetry, an allusion was considered more beautiful than a plain statement. Surnames did not exist in ancient Hawaii. Early converts might adopt a Christian name and use their Hawaiian name like a surname. In 1860 Kamehameha IV signed the Act to Regulate Names. Hawaiians were to take their father's given name as a surname, and all children born henceforth were to receive a meaningful given name. 


    Find Your Hawaiian Name

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  3. How to measure your Hawaiian bangle size?

    How to measure your Hawaiian bangle size?

    how to measure Hawaiian bracelet size

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  4. Hawaiian Jewelry Layaway Program

    Hawaiian Jewelry Layaway Program (Interest Free)


    Thank you for your interest in learn more about our interest free Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry Layaway program (HJLP).

    Our program will allow you start an order with $100 initial payment and you have 12 months to pay off the balance with multiple payments.

    Min. order is $200.

    There is no handling fee or interest on layaway order.

    We will manufacture and ship your order within 3 days after final payment.

    Please create an account at: then add the items you would like to do layaway in wish list.

    Create an account

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  5. Hawaiian Bangle Bracelet Width

    How to pick your Hawaiian Bangle Bracelet width?

    The most popular width on Hawaiian bangle bracelet is 10mm and 12mm; however 15mm and 18mm are popular among the local community.


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  6. Military Discount Coupons

    We offer 5% off to all U.S. military personnel. Please use coupon code: MIL5%OFF during checkout.

    (Limited time offer)


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  7. Kama'aina Discount Coupon

    We offer 10% off to Kama'aina. Please use coupon code: KAMA10%OFF during checkout.

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